2015 - Courage Sans Peur
2015 - Courage Sans Peur

2015 - Courage Sans Peur


HERO:  Eric Ensley

BRANCH: Michigan National Guard

ARTIST:  Joe Morris



With two tours under his belt, one in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the other in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom, Sergeant Eric Ensley said himself that it’s “amazing he’s still alive.” Throughout his tours, Ensley believed that the reason he and his squad survived was because of God’s protection -- down to the smallest of moments, including when one of his soldiers was randomly stung by a bee before he was about to ram in a door unknowingly booby-trapped with explosives.

After witnessing first-hand the impact that time in the service has on the men and women who endure it, Ensley wanted his design to honor that warrior spirit. Through the design process with his Artist-partner Joe Morris, the two sought out to honor the human being behind the warrior mask -- a hardened mask that they must learn to remove in order to successfully return to life as a civilian. The burden and pain of war, the relief and peace of returning home, and the bond of brotherhood were all key components embedded within Ensley’s design.

*Shirt image is a rendering of the final product. Actual product may vary slightly.