2015 - Final Act of Deviance
2015 - Final Act of Deviance

2015 - Final Act of Deviance


HERO:  Terry Brown

BRANCH:  U.S. Army

ARTIST:  Andrew Kelly



As a man that has a distinct humble spirit, it’s surprising to imagine Terry Brown in a position of handling cover fire as a Huey helicopter door gunner as well as a field mechanic deep within the Vietnam War. Brown fixed broken down vehicles, incinerated the unsalvageable materials, and stripped out what he and his unit could re-use. He found his rhythm among the horrors of war that surrounded him and felt as if he accomplished something bigger than himself while he aided his unit.

Andrew Kelly took the approach of deconstructing the Huey helicopters that Brown became so familiar with throughout his service. This design demonstrates the overwhelming commotion of Brown’s faithful service. As the pieces of the broken chopper are examined more in depth, the contents clearly begin to symbolize Brown’s life in the U.S. Army. If you look closely enough, you’ll find his last great act of defiance.