2015 - Parachute Flowers
2015 - Parachute Flowers

2015 - Parachute Flowers


HERO:  Bill Lanford

BRANCH:  U.S. Army

ARTIST:  Terrance Weinzierl



With a passion for his career in the military, Vietnam veteran Bill Lanford is a man that is always at the ready with a good story. From his time as a paratrooper to his life as a military recruiter, Lanford’s passion for working with others towards accomplishing a shared goal is evident throughout his life’s journey. He has always been at the ready to coach others – whether literally as a football coach, or figuratively as he so willingly shares his wisdom and worthy advice with others.

Lanford’s story shifts from surviving the chaos of war in Vietnam to a well-earned peaceful retirement of operating flower shops with his wife. Terrance Weinzierl channels this contrast through the image of parachutes mimicking lotus flowers – both reminiscent of Bill’s military time and the fruitful life that has followed thereafter.  

*Shirt image is a rendering of the final product. Actual product may vary slightly.