2016 - Encrypted Repair
2016 - Encrypted Repair

2016 - Encrypted Repair


HERO: Joseph Green

BRANCH:  U.S. Marines

ARTIST:  Kyle Berryman



As a Vietnam-era U.S. Marine Veteran who has decades of dedicated service in helping rebuild his fellow Veterans, Joseph Green has experienced and witnessed the trauma, illness, and breakdown of Veterans’ bodies: physically and mentally. Using his experience in working with the Michigan Welfare Rights in supporting Veterans, Green wanted to demonstrate the cyclical pattern he’s recognized among generations of Veterans. Whether it’s feeling “passed off” in the Veterans’ Affairs system and not receiving the support truly needed to live or seeing the lack of respect the general public has for Veterans, he not only notices the disconnect Veterans feel in the world, but also the great opportunity we have today to break this cycle.

Inspired by his dedicated service to Veterans, Green’s personal mantra of “Challenging Yourself to Help” is encrypted in Morse Code in their design. Also in Morse Code is “History is Cyclical,” reflective of Green’s years of experience with Veterans as well as a word of caution for modern American society to have more humanitarian respect for younger Veterans in order to avoid the mistakes made to previous generations of Veterans. The DNA in the design represents the past, present, and future of Veterans’ health, a nod to the physical and mental breakdown of Veterans’ bodies from trauma and illness.

Their design challenges individuals to help improve the systemic treatment and respect due to all generations of Veterans and to eliminate the disconnect Veterans feel, particularly with the youngest generation of Veterans today.

*NOTE: The image is a rendering and may not accurately reflect the t-shirt size, colors, or design details.