2016 - Know The Otherside
2016 - Know The Otherside

2016 - Know The Otherside


HERO: Ryan Groves

BRANCH:  U.S. Army

ARTIST:  Ana Alvarez



U.S. Army Veteran Ryan Groves has been through dark times. He lost his leg, suffered a punctured lung, and was close to dying on numerous occasions. However, their design, “Know The Otherside,” demonstrates that you cannot experience the good without the bad and vice versa. It were these dark times that led Groves to be grateful to still be alive and develop an overall positive outlook on life.

The sun and the moon in their design is a modern interpretation of the yin and yang symbol that describes that opposite forces can actually be interdependent. This is reflective of Groves using his difficult times to inspire a new perspective of life. The words “Semper Fi” mean “always faithful,” and lines orbiting around the yin and the yang, much like an atom, symbolize the cyclicality of everyday life.

Their design is a call-to-action for civilians to “Know The Otherside,” get to know Veterans and their points of view, and to avoid being presumptuous of them. It also encourages individuals to recognize the “other side” of any situation, bad or good, in order to gain a more balanced and positive outlook on life just as Groves did.

*NOTE: The image is a rendering and may not accurately reflect the t-shirt size, colors, or design details.