2016 - Remember to Live
2016 - Remember to Live

2016 - Remember to Live


HERO: Alesha Barron

BRANCH:  U.S. Marines

ARTIST:  Julian Rucker

ARTIST:  Tyler Way



Following the ups and downs both during and after her service, U.S. Marines Veteran Alesha Barron was inspired to never again let the difficulties of everyday life negatively affect her and her sons.

Symbolizing her service in the U.S. Marines, their design contains a digital camouflage print scattered about with waves representing the the challenges Barron has faced in life. Barron had recently tattooed the Latin saying “Momento Vivere” on her skull, meaning “remember to live,” to remind herself to never forget to live, but to instead consciously remember to remain strong and choose to live. The design was done in traditional-tattoo style as a nod to Barron’s love for tattoos.

Their design encourages others to take a moment to pause and reflect, smell the roses, and always “remember to live” happily and peacefully.

*NOTE: The image is a rendering and may not accurately reflect the t-shirt size, colors, or design details.