2013 - No Place Like Home
2013 - No Place Like Home

2013 - No Place Like Home


HERO:   Chris Stephenson

BRANCH:  U.S. Marines

ARTIST:   Laura Wilusz, Sam Ging



While deployed in Iraq in 2005, U.S. Marine Chris Stephenson and his convoy were hit by IEDs. He was thrown from the vehicle and suffered severe internal and external injuries. His comrades in the vehicle were killed instantly by the impact. The symbols within his design represent this life-changing moment. The jagged lines represent the splitting of this humvee, while the triangles symbolize how he was launched into the air from the vehicle, which ultimately may have saved his life. The dotted lines are his unconnected memories, the flowers are the daisy chain of IEDs that his vehicle hit, and the swirls are the whirlwind recovery process that will never end for him. At the foundation of everything, the Eagle represents his U.S. Marine brothers and sisters. Even for a courageous hero like Chris Stephenson, a home base is always needed.

“If you want to walk the planet you have to be the baddest SOB at it.”

-Chris Stephenson.